Viewing and managing classes on the School Dashboard

In the “Classes” section of the School Dashboard, you’ll find a list of all the teachers at your school with the list of classes they’re teaching. Use the search bar to look for a specific teacher name.


You can edit the class name by clicking on it and entering a new name. Once you’re done, click on the checkmark to accept the change.

To view more options for a class, click on the “...” button on the righthand side of its name. The following options are available:

  • Manage Grades: Select which grade(s) a class is for. Depending on the way you set up your School Kits, this will change the behavior settings, powers, and pledges the teachers and students in this class use.

  • Assign Students: Add existing students listed in your organization to the selected class. As you won’t be able to create new students here, make sure to add students to your school roster first.

  • View Multi-Class: Selecting this option displays a list of all the classes taught by the same teacher. The first column contains the list of students attending any class by this teacher with relevant game info (the level cap, Health Points regen, and Action Points regen for their class). Click on the + sign beside the student’s name to see the detailed view of this info.

    Each column represents a class given by the teacher and presents the information breakdown for this class. A checkmark indicates that the student is enrolled in that class.


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