Quests Marketplace – Submitting quests to the Marketplace

The Quests Marketplace is where teachers can discover and share quests they’ve created based on grade and subject. You can access the Marketplace from your Teacher Dashboard or by visiting


To submit a quest, click on the “Submit Your Quests” button. All the quests present on your account are listed on the submission page. Your quests are ordered alphabetically and grouped by class. Select the quest you want to share by clicking in the checkbox left of its name.


You can pop out and view the quest in your account by clicking on the arrow (image3.jpg) icon on the right. Check the box above the “Next” button to confirm that the quests are your own (ie., you created the quest, and it does not contain copyrighted material) before clicking “Next.” You can click on “Quest Submission Terms” to view the terms.

Next, complete your quest listing. You’ll need to decide if you want to share your story only or if you want to share your quest story, tasks, and assignments. Provide a description of your quest and select which grade(s) and subject(s) apply to your quest. You can select as many as necessary, but you’ll need to select at least one of each before being able to click on the “Share on Marketplace” button.

If you selected a school in the U.S. when creating your profile, you’ll be prompted to select standards as well. To find a specific standard, filter by set of standards, subject, grade, and strand and choose from the results. You can select as many standards as needed. If you need to remove a standard you’ve added, click on it to remove it from your list.


At any time, use the arrow (image3.jpg) button to see a quest in your account (in a new tab) or the X button in the top right corner of a quest description to remove it from your listing.

Once you click on “Share on Marketplace,” your quest will be submitted. We’ll review it as soon as possible and send you an email to inform you of the outcome.


Check out our quest submission guidelines to know what we’re looking for in a quest. You can also fill out your bio and enter your Twitter handle in your profile to help build the community of amazing teachers using the Marketplace.

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