How do I import Class Content into Quests?

To import your Class Content into Quests, you can start by creating a new quest from the “Quests” tab on the left side of the screen and then clicking the “import” icon (the map will be randomized).

You can then choose which class and section you want to import your Class Content lesson from. You can only convert a single section into a quest; if you want to combine multiple Class Content sections together, you will need to do this manually in the Class Content tab beforehand.


Classcraft will then create a quest objective from each of your posts in the Class Content section you have chosen. The objectives will be linked by default and in the order in which they appeared in Class Content.

Here are a few guidelines on how Classcraft converts your Class Content into a quest:

  • The name of the section becomes the title of your quest
  • Each post in a section becomes an objective on the map
  • The title of a post becomes the objective’s name
  • The “short description” of a post becomes the objective “story”
  • The text or content of a post becomes the task of the objective

All of these actions are done automatically, but you can rearrange the content in Class Content before importing or do it afterward in Quests.

If you’ve already imported your content, you can also remove or edit the connections between objectives by pressing the pathway button (2018-06-14_at_09.34.png). Click the small trash icon to remove the connecting line between two objectives:


Note: Starting on June 30, 2018, you won’t be able to create new sections and posts in Class Content, but you will still be able to access them and convert them into quests until September 30, 2018.

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