Quests Marketplace – Submission guidelines

You can now submit quests to be featured in the Marketplace, where other teachers will be able to download and use your quests in their classrooms. Before submitting a quest, make sure that it follows these guidelines:

Your quest is ...

  • Complete: Your quest should include a starting point (introduction), several objectives (use as many or as few as needed), and an endpoint (when appropriate). Make sure to submit quests that are completed from beginning to end.
  • Appropriate: The language and themes of your quest should be appropriate for all students. Avoid strong or offensive language, shocking themes, discrimination, and violence.

  • Accessible: Your quest should be in English and contain files or assignments that other teachers can access or download. (The Marketplace will be available in other languages at a future date.)

  • Proofread: Make sure to submit the final reviewed version of your quest. Check the story for consistency, grammar, and spelling mistakes before submitting your work.


If you want, you can make your quest much better by using: 

  • An original and compelling storyline: Using a story in a quest is not mandatory, but it does help students feel engaged with your content. Create a compelling story from scratch to make it a hit.

  • Copyright-free content: Make sure that the content you use in your quest is either free of rights or that the source is properly cited when you use it in your work.

  • Self-paced objectives and branching paths: Using Classcraft features within your quest and promoting personalized and differentiated learning will make it that much more interesting for other teachers.


Why was my quest denied?

The Classcraft team must approve your quest before it can appear on the Marketplace. If your quest is not accepted, it may be because it:

  • Contains offensive language or themes

  • Is written in a non-supported language (quests are currently accepted in English only)

  • Is difficult to read or understand (quest contains too many typos or is confusing to read)

  • Does not grant access to the files and assignments (does not apply if you are submitting the story alone)

  • Is too similar to another teacher's quest


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