Linking your Classcraft and Microsoft accounts

You can use your Microsoft account to sign up and log in to Classcraft. To sign up using your Microsoft account:

  1. Proceed to
  2. Click on Sign up with another service
  3. Select Microsoft

If you signed up using Microsoft, to log in, click on Log in with another service and select Microsoft.

Linking your accounts through your profile

If you didn’t sign up using your Microsoft account, but still want to link it to your Classcraft account, you can do so from your profile by clicking on the Link Microsoft account on the lefthand panel.


Log in with your Microsoft account from the pop-up screen to link your accounts. If you wish to unlink your accounts after they’ve been linked, click on Unlink Microsoft account.

Using OneDrive files

When your Classcraft and Microsoft accounts are linked, you can upload files directly from Microsoft OneDrive wherever you can attach files (such as when creating a message, a Boss Battle question, a quest or an objective, etc.).

To upload files from your Microsoft OneDrive, hover your cursor over the paperclip icon and click on the Microsoft OneDrive icon (image1.jpg) when it’s displayed. If your Microsoft account is not linked, you’ll be prompted to log in.