Understanding Action Points (AP)

What are Action Points?

Action Points (AP) represent a character’s stamina. These points are the pool of strength that students’ characters possess to accomplish extraordinary feats. Once they’re out of AP, they’re out of stamina: They can still go about their daily life, but they won’t be able to use amazing powers until they’ve regained some strength.

Each character class has a specific maximum amount of AP. The Mages have the most AP, followed by the Healers, and finally by the Warriors. As the stats are balanced, while the Mages can use more powers before their strength is depleted, they can take less damage (ie., they have fewer Health Points to lose) than their Warrior counterparts before falling in battle. You can find out more about how the character classes are balanced here.


How do students lose AP?

Action Points are consumed when a student uses any power. Some powers are personal, and other powers are collaborative. If a student spends all their AP too quickly (such as by using a lot of personal powers) without considering their team’s needs, they won’t have any AP left to use at crucial moments (like when a teammate is about to fall in battle). The key is for students to find a good balance when using their AP. They should not be able to use their powers too often since they will run out of AP before long.


You may find that your students use their AP a lot to gain various advantages when starting the game. They could heal or protect their teammates often or even focus solely on using personal powers to gain advantages (like handing in work later or eating in class). It depends on the powers you set for your class. This shows that the students find their powers compelling.


How do students gain AP?

With the default settings, students naturally regain 4 AP per day. This means that after using Heal 1 for 15 AP, a Healer will need to wait four days before they fully regain these AP. If you feel students can still use their powers too often, you can change this value in your class settings.

Students can wait for their AP to replenish naturally; however, one of the Mage’s roles on their team is giving AP to their teammates with their Mana Transfer and Fountain of Mana powers. These powers are very costly for the Mages. (Mages typically have a maximum of 50 AP.) Even if they have a greater AP pool than their teammates, Mages won’t be able to use these powers too often.


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