Why and when should you ‘archive’ students’ characters?

When students are done playing Classcraft for the year, you should archive their characters. “Archiving” retires their character progress, but keeps their account open so that they can create a new character and start fresh the following year.

Archiving characters from your School Dashboard is beneficial because:

  • Student progress and data can be tracked anew year over year
  • Students start the year at Level 1, or on the same footing as their classmates
  • Teachers can immediately start playing with their students at the beginning of the year, without needing to archive any old characters

The best time to archive students’ characters is at the end of the year — in other words, when they’re no longer being used. (If necessary, this action can be undone in the student’s profile.) Students can view an archive of their previous years’ characters in the “Hall of Heroes” section of their accounts.

Before you archive a student’s character from the Student List in your School Dashboard, you’ll need to confirm your action. Once you click on the checkbox, the “Archive” button will become visible:


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