What if teachers have already added students on their own?

Some teachers may have used Classcraft before you launched it at your school. You can prevent the duplication of accounts and make sure the students are properly added to your organization’s student roster:

  1. On the student list, click the Add student button in the top left corner the screen
  2. Select Add from teachers (the option is only available if there are teachers to add students from)
  3. Check the names of the students available to add to your roster and the teachers who created their accounts
  4. Select the students you want to add
  5. Click Add students to confirm then press

Doing this will add the students to your organization’s roster, giving all teachers within your organization access to the students. 

Note that in the future, students you’ve added via this method will not appear again because they're already part of your roster. This feature should help you prevent situations where the same students are added to your organization’s roster more than once.