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The following resources will help you and your teachers understand how Classcraft can help you with Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and bullying prevention.

Your partnership manager can provide you with any of these documents:



The PBIS Handbook

This handbook contains practical resources for educators and administrators. It supports you in your gamification process and provides you information on how gamification and Classcraft can help you reach your PBIS objectives while making it more fun for students and teachers.


Well Played: Prevent Bullying with Classcraft

This guide outlines the best practices for preventing bullying through gamification and how to use Classcraft to drive social emotional learning in your school.

You can also visit our Research page to find references to many academic articles, which can help you gain a better understanding of the benefits and thinking behind Classcraft and how the program can help you and your school.

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