Step 1: Finding innovators and early adopters at your school

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Each school has its share of innovators and early adopters, teachers who willingly seek out new tools to try in their classroom. Early adopters tend to be comfortable and positive about using new technology, and colleagues seek them out for recommendations and advice on the latest trends.

Innovators are creative and resilient, take risks to solve problems, and have built a wide network of like-minded educators. They usually propel the spread of new ideas within their school or district.

To successfully adopt Classcraft at your school, we recommend identifying a handful of your innovators and early adopters and asking them to be the first to try the game in their classes. Their influence and approval will inspire their colleagues to do the same and will position them as excellent hands-on coaches for the rest of your staff. This strategy is part of the Diffusion of Innovation Theory, which refers to how an idea gains momentum and spreads.


How to spot the innovators and early adopters at your school:

  • They are highly respected within your school
  • They stand out as leaders, not followers
  • Colleagues look to them as role models
  • They’re constantly trying new tools and recommending them to others
  • They feel comfortable with digital resources and social media
  • They’re frequent, eager volunteers when implementing new programs and curriculum
  • They actively seek out new opportunities to learn (such as through PD)
  • They’re empathetic, reflective, resilient, and aren’t afraid to take risks
  • They’ve built up a strong personal/professional learning network (PLN)
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