Using integrations at your school (Google Classroom, Clever, etc.)

While the teachers at your school should use their school email to sign in to Classcraft, the platform is fully integrated with Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Clever. Teachers can link their Classcraft account to their account for any (or all) of these services. This can be done by editing their profile. Once the accounts are linked, the teachers will be able to log in with any of these accounts.

There are also specific benefits to linking a Classcraft account to the following services:



Google and Google Classroom

After linking their Classcraft and Google accounts, teachers will be able to upload files directly from Google Drive. Furthermore, if a teacher uses Google Classroom, they’ll be able to add students to their class directly from their Google Classroom roster, integrate Google Classroom assignments in their quests, and convert assignment grades to Experience Points (XP) and Gold Pieces (GP).




If your district uses Clever, the teachers from your school will be able to launch Classcraft directly through their Clever Dashboard. For this, the district administrator must add Classcraft to the Clever dashboard. If a teacher had a Classcraft account before using Classcraft with Clever, they’ll have to link their account on their profile. If not, they will prompted to complete the account creation process, after which their Classcraft account will be automatically linked to Clever.

We’ll be adding student rostering in a future update, which will let teachers add students directly from the school’s roster via Clever.




After a teacher links their Classcraft account to their Microsoft account, they’ll be able to upload files directly from Microsoft OneDrive.

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