Using the Assignments feature

When you create a quest objective, you can choose to enable assignments. Doing so requires students to submit work to complete the task. Once your students have submitted their assignments, you can leave feedback for them and return a graded assignment. You can give them XP and GP rewards for their work. GP are only available as a reward if you have a Premium license.

In your task description, make sure to explain what type of file you expect your students to submit for this specific quest objective.

Due date

When you enable assignments for a task, you’ll be prompted to select a due date. You can reward students with Experience Points (XP) and/or Gold Pieces (GP). You can also choose to enable rewards for early hand-in. Select a date and reward for early hand-in if you wish.


Files students can submit

Students can submit an assignment for a quest in any of the following formats:

  • Text: An empty text box will be displayed in the assignment tab of the quest objective. Students can directly input and format text, embed equations, videos, images, links, or tables.


  • File upload: Students can upload a file directly from their computer by clicking on paperclip icon. They can also drag a file from their computer to the gray box below the text box. If their Classcraft account is linked to their Google or Microsoft account, they can upload a file directly from their Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive by clicking on the corresponding button.


  • Create a Google file: By clicking on the “Create” button, the student will be able to create a Google document, sheet, slide presentation, or form. This will save the file to their Google Drive and attach it as their assignment.


If students need to interrupt their work, they can save their assignments as a draft. You can find more information about the student side of assignments here.

Once a student submits their work, you’ll gain ownership of the assignment and they’ll no longer be able to edit it unless you “unsubmit.” You’ll see the assignments in the Quest Progress Center.


Evaluating an assignment and providing feedback

Click on the "Feedback" () button next to a student’s name in the "Overview" tab to view their assignment. You may also click on the “Feedback” button above the student list to see the first student’s assignment. 

In the assignment description, you’ll see when it was submitted as well as any text provided in the text box. If files are attached to the assignment, you can download each file individually or click on “Download All.” You can also select “Unsubmit” to return the student’s work if you deem it unsatisfactory. If your students have already progressed in this objective, make sure to uncheck their progress before unsubmitting their work:


Be aware that the student will not be notified that their work was unsubmitted; however, unsubmitting an assignment will return the ownership to the student. They’ll then be able to edit their work before submitting it again. As long as you haven’t selected an outcome for the objective, they’ll be able to submit their assignment again.


Once you’ve evaluated an assignment, you can provide feedback to the student. You can directly input and format text in the text box. You may also embed images, videos, equations, links, and tables. If you want, you can choose to upload a file from your computer by dragging it to the gray box below the text box or by clicking on the paperclip icon. If your Classcraft account is linked to your Google or Microsoft account, you’ll be able to upload files from Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive by clicking on the corresponding buttons. If your Classcraft and Google accounts are linked, you can create a new Google file (docs, sheets, slides, and forms are available).


The file will be created on your Drive and can be accessed later if needed. If you need a break, make sure to save a draft of your work by clicking on the “Save Draft” button. If you try to leave the page you’re working on, a popup will prompt you to save your work before moving on. You can save it by clicking on “Continue.” Once you’re done writing your feedback and attaching files, click on “Submit” to make your feedback visible to your student.

If your student’s work was satisfactory, click on the green checkmark button at the bottom. If your student’s work was not satisfactory, click on the red “x” button. This will allow your student to continue in the quest. The students will not be aware if you consider their progress satisfactory or not.

Note:  You will not see these buttons if you’re reviewing work for a self-paced objective.

You can also navigate from one student to the next by clicking on their name in the lower part of the assignment screen. You may also return to the objective overview to select a different student.


You can learn more about the Progress Center here


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