Starter kit for your schoolwide launch

To assist you with your schoolwide Classcraft launch, we’ve created a starter kit containing documents and resources for school administrators. These documents will give you tips to successfully launch Classcraft at your school and help you introduce your teachers and students’ parents to Classcraft.


What does the starter kit contain?


School Rollout Guide: In this guide, you’ll find tips and tricks for a successful schoolwide launch. You’ll learn how to implement Classcraft, get teachers interested and excited, and use Classcraft to reach your objectives.


Teacher PD Deck: This document is intended for presenting Classcraft to the teachers at your school. They’ll learn more about the game features, driving engagement in the classroom through Classcraft, and how Classcraft can improve their teaching experience with management tools. This slideshow is perfect for presenting Classcraft to all your teachers and getting the conversation going!


Parent Handout: This letter is addressed to the parents of the students who will be using Classcraft. It explains what Classcraft is and isn’t, how it works, and how it can help their child. Finally, it presents some of the research about Classcraft and gamification to help them get a better grasp of these concepts. 


Social Sharing Documents: Included in the kit is a poster with which teachers can take a picture to share on social media. There’s also a one-page document that provides a list of Classcraft hashtags and ways to share their classroom moments and photos on social media. When you or your teachers talk about us on social media, we can share your content with our worldwide community.


How can I obtain a starter kit?

If you did not receive a starter kit at launch, you may request one from your Classcraft partnership manager. Please make sure to specify if you would like the kit in French or in English as both languages are available.


For more information

Ask your partnership manager for your special school rollout webpage, which has these resources and more for launching Classcraft at your school. You’ll find more information and content such as an introductory video to Classcraft, images to decorate your hallways or presentations, training webinars for your teachers, and more.


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