Step 4: Implementing PBIS standards with Classcraft (optional)

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Classcraft supports PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). From the School Dashboard, school leaders can establish common rules in order to manage discipline consistently and reinforce the positive behaviors they choose, based on their unique school values. Consistent implementation and feedback play a key role in using PBIS successfully. You can download Classcraft’s PBIS Handbook here for a useful guide on using Classcraft with PBIS.

For PBIS schools, we recommend that admins create Experience Points (XP) presets for all teachers to use. Presets ensure that teachers are enforcing the same positive behaviors in a consistent and immediate manner for the best long-term results.

Health Points (HP), which are removed for negative behavior, are an essential part of well-balanced PBIS practice and can also be established by school leaders. PBIS supports intervention for misbehavior when it’s clearly explained, rigorous, and actionable. It emphasizes that “classroom management and preventive school discipline must be integrated and working together with effective academic instruction in a positive and safe school climate to maximize success for all students.” With Classcraft, teachers set expectations upfront for students and must be consistent and immediate in responding to behaviors, as per the game rules.

Additionally, PBIS recommends a “continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behavior” and “discouraging problem behavior,’ which fits well with Classcraft’s tiered system of removing HP, falling in battle, and receiving sentences.

When setting up their demo class, teachers can select to use pre-made settings especially created for PBIS classes. Teachers can test these settings before integrating them to their classroom and using them to support their own PBIS efforts.

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