Step 3: Onboarding and supporting teachers at your school

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If your initial launch is successful, the next step is to onboard other teachers so that Classcraft becomes a more integrated part of your school culture and so its positive impact is more widespread.

To add new teachers, you’ll need to set up accounts for them in your organization. Your partnership manager can help you with this step.

Professional development can help you increase teacher adoption and retention at your school. Classcraft offers on-site and remote professional development to provide a solid foundation for implementing Classcraft. Our expert PD team will coach your teachers on best practices for using Classcraft. Educators will rethink and refine their teaching approach to achieve targeted outcomes in the areas of school climate, classroom management, social emotional learning, and personalized learning.

Sharing inspirational successful stories is powerful way to get your teachers excited. Classcraft would love to help your staff connect and spread these anecdotes within your school or district. Email to inquire about possibilities!

Additionally, you can find plenty of resources to help and support your teachers here.

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