Step 2: Planning your initial school launch

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A good time frame to launch Classcraft with your selected group of innovators and early adopters is 60 days but can be longer depending on your preferences and needs. Earlier in the school year works best, but the game can be implemented at any time.

Regardless of what you choose, teachers should implement the game simultaneously to best determine its usefulness in your school.


Measuring success over time 

An important part of any launch is to determine how you’ll measure success. We recommend sitting down with your participating teachers to determine what behaviors you’d like to track. Ask the questions, “What are we having issues with? What do we want to fix or encourage?”

School leaders can establish these behaviors as game presets in the School Dashboard (with teachers rewarding positive behaviors with Experience Points or removing Health Points to discourage unwanted behaviors) and then track data surrounding them through the School Insights. Admin-controlled presets ensure consistency within the launch, which leads to more successful results as students can expect the same rules and values to be enforced from class to class, teacher to teacher.


Training before or during the launch

Teachers will need to sign up for the game using their district/school email, so make sure they’re added on your School Dashboard before they begin. 

Training is important to making sure your launch runs smoothly. Classcraft offers on-site and remote professional development to provide a solid foundation for implementing Classcraft. Our expert PD team will coach your teachers on best practices for using Classcraft. Educators will rethink and refine their teaching approach to achieve targeted outcomes in the areas of school climate, classroom management, social emotional learning, and personalized learning.

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