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Quests – Accessing and using free quests

Every student, teacher, and parent using Classcraft now has the opportunity to discover quests with our brand-new free quests. As a teacher, when you click on the “Quest” icon in the left sidebar, you’ll see the free quest that was added to your account.

Unlike regular quests, you can see and use free quests even if you’re not a Premium user. These quests are created by Classcraft or in collaboration with our partners in order to let you try out this amazing features.


These quests are different from regular quest as both the story and the content is provided to you. You may use it as is with your students once you’ve completed your class setup. Before you can use any free quest in class, you first need to make it visible. To do make the quest visible, click on the quest icon to open the quest, then click on on the “Quest Is Hidden” button in the lower left corner:

While all teachers can use these free quests with their students, there are more restrictions on how to use them. For the most, it will not be possible to edit free quests. This mean that you won’t be able to edit the quest name, the map, share the quest, create, move, connect, or otherwise edit objectives, or share the quests. It may be possible for Premium teachers to edit some of these free quests content, however quests will usually be locked.


The teachers who play on the free version of Classcraft will not gain full access to the quest system. The free quests are more of a window on the quest settings. As such, these teachers will not be able to edit a quest, even a free one. The free quests content has been created either by Classcraft or our partners, locking content edition will help ensure the best experience for everyone using these quests. In some free quests, progression may be tied to different Classcraft features. Preventing all teachers from editing such quests ensures an uniform, enjoyable experience for all.

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