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What's the demo class, and how do I access it?

What’s the demo class?

The demo class comes pre-populated with students and teams. Since the class setup is already complete, you can use it to see what an actual class would look like. It can help you learn to use the game features (such as giving XP or GP, removing HP, editing the game rules, and so forth) without affecting your actual classes.

In the demo class, you have access to all the Classcraft Premium features, such as Boss Battles (Adventures in the Wild), Countdown (The White Mountain), Stopwatch (The Forest Run), Volume Meter (The Makus Valley), and Grade Converter (Treasures of Tavuros). Also, you can create Quests and view Student Analytics.

It’s perfect for trying things out and seeing if Premium is for you!


How can I access the demo class?

Scroll down the teacher homepage until you see the Learn How to Play section. You can access the demo class by clicking on the "Demo Class" button:


You can always access the demo class from any of your class without returning to the dashboard. In the upper left corner of the game screen, click on your class name to see all the classes you have access to, including the Demo Class.


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