Signing in with Clever

Note: This is a district and school license feature. Learn more here.

You can sign in to Classcraft using Clever. To do so, your school needs to be in a district already using Clever and in a district or school using Classcraft. In order to launch Classcraft through your Clever portal, the application will need to have been added by your district administrator. You can find the Classcraft Clever app here.

If you can’t find the app in your portal, you may need to contact your district’s support contact. Please note, however, that you can always use Classcraft directly from our website.

Once you have found the Classcraft app in your gallery, you may launch it normally.

Note: You can now log-in via Clever on the Classcraft mobile app on Android and iOS.

If you already use Classcraft and have an account, proceed through the normal log-in procedure. Once you are logged in, you can link your Clever account to your Classcraft account in your profile by using the “Link Clever Account” button:


In the pop-up screen, select your school and log in normally. Once you have linked your accounts, it will become possible to log in to Classcraft directly with your Clever account under "Log in with another service":


If you don’t have a Classcraft account, once you launch the app through the Clever dashboard, you’ll be prompted to create a Classcraft account. This will take you through the normal account creation steps. Once you have set up your account, it will automatically be linked to your Clever account.

We’ll be adding student rostering in a future update. This will let you add students from your school’s complete roster via Clever.

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