Student code and class code ... what's the difference?

There are several types of codes in Classcraft that are not interchangeable and must be used in specific situations. Here is a breakdown of each code, how to obtain them, and how to use them.

Student code


Each student in your class will be assigned a student code when you create your class and add students to it. This code is used when the students first sign up to Classcraft and create their account. Using this code will connect the student to your class.

You can retrieve the student codes from your class in the “Students” section of your class settings. You can use the “Distribute Codes” button to give the student codes to each of your students, either by printing out the information or via email. 

Class code


The class code enables a student who already has a Classcraft account to join another class. With the class code, the student may join a class from the same teacher or from a different teacher. This code could be used during a new semester or a new school year, after a student’s character has been archived.

Each of your classes has a specific code, which can be obtained in your class settings in the “Students” section by clicking on the “Class Code” button. You can also get it from your home screen by clicking on the circular icon beside the class name (2018-03-14_at_10.09.png) and selecting “Class Code.”

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