Using the text editor

Found in Boss Battles, Quests, Discussions, and Kudos, the text editor enables you to format your text, insert tables, links, videos, and even math equations! Learn more about:

Viewing the text editor

I some places, such as in the Quests discussions, the editor is shrunk down to a leaner, simpler size. To view the whole editor, click on the More button when available:


Formatting the text

Changing the text format can help students navigate longer text and understand the structure. Click on the pilcrow (¶) symbol to view Header options, which can help you a longer, more structured text easier to navigate, as well as Quote and Code text for more specific needs.

You can also use the editor to make your text bold or italic and create both numbered and unordered lists.


Inserting tables

Tables can help make some type of information easier to parse for student. To insert a table:

  1. Click on the table icon in the text editor
  2. Click on Insert table
  3. Select how many rows and columns your table should have
  4. Click Insert when you're ready

Once your table has been created, you can add or delete a header, rows, or colums by clicking the table icon.

To delete the whole table, select the Delete table option in the table menu.


Inserting images and videos

Media is a great way to engage with students. They make your Quest, question, or comment pop even more! To add an image:

  • Click the Picture icon in the text editor toolbar
  • Drag and drop an image to the text box or click the button to select it

The image then appears in-line with the text. Click on the image to:

  • Instead use it as an attachment (it'll be possible to click on it to view it)
  • Edit the image to enter a title and transform it into a link (make sure to check Open link in new tab) if you make it a link
  • Delete the image

When an image is used as an attachment, click the More options button to use an image in-line or delete it.

To embed a video in your text:

  1. Click the video icon in the text editor toolbar
  2. Enter the video's link or embed

Inserting math equations

To insert a math equation in LaTeX using the text editor:

  • Click the pi icon (π)
  • Type your equation using the LaTeX language, which enables you to render mathematical expressions with simple text editing
  • Confirm the equation using the preview
  • Type insert to confirm


Your formula will be displayed in code in the text editing box, but you can click on it to get a preview of how it will be displayed for your students. Click Edit to return to the preview window and make changes to your equation or Delete to remove it from your text.

Attaching video or audio files

You can also attach directly from your computer using the text editor. While this works for all file types, it's really useful for small video or audio files. When attached this way, students will be able to play the file directly from their browser without having to download anything. This also means that you don't have to upload and host your files anywhere.

To attach a video or audio file (or any kind of files really!):

  1. In the text editor, click the paperclip icon
  2. Select the file from your computer
  3. Save or Send

You can also drag the file from your file browser to the text editor.

When students view the objective or message, they'll be able to click the play button to watch or listen to the attached file.