Inserting math equations

You can insert math equations in your Boss Battles or Quests. Click on the pi symbol in the text editing box to open the “Insert Equation” feature.


Under “Type equation” on the lefthand side, enter commands in the LaTeX language. (LaTeX enables teachers to render various mathematical expressions using simple text editing.) A preview of your equation will be displayed on the righthand side.

Here are a few examples of commands that you might find useful:

  • Use \sum to add the ∑ symbol
  • Use \int to add the ∫ symbol
  • Use \pi to add the 𝜋 symbol
  • Use \frac{numerator}{denominator} to display fractions
  • Use ^{x} to display text as exponents


For a more exhaustive list of LaTeX commands, check out this cheat sheet.

Once you’re done, click “insert.” Your formula will be displayed in code in the text editing box, but you can click on it to get a preview of how it will be displayed for your students. Click on “Edit” to return to the “Insert Equation” screen and modify your formula, or hit “Delete” to remove it entirely.


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