Dividing students into teams

You can create and edit teams at any point during the year in the "Teams" section of your class settings. You can access your settings two ways:

  • On the teacher homepage when you log in, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble next to your class and click "Settings."

  • On the game dashboard, click the gear icon in the bottom left corner. This will take you to the class that you're currently playing with.


Here are some guidelines for creating teams:

  • Choose the teams yourself to encourage better student dynamics.

  • Aim for about 4-5 students per team, if you can.

  • Divide them into teams based on academics, to have a mix of academically strong and weak students.

  • When students choose their characters, make sure they have at least one Warrior, one Mage, and one Healer on their team. This ensures that they'll have access to all the essential powers in the game.

Drag and drop students onto teams. You can always change these groups around later!

Click the pencil button to customize the team names, crests, and backgrounds. Ask your students what they prefer for these, or use the "Introducer" feature (available via the options in your "My Classes" list).


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