How can I modify points manually?

If you want, you can modify points in a non-traditional way such as giving students Hearts or removing Gold Pieces.

Name_Tag-Chapter-1-En.png Name_Tag-Chapter-2-En.png Name_Tag-Chapter-3-En.png Name_Tag-Chapter-4-En.png Tag-Free-En-1.png Tag-Premium-En-1.png Tag-School-En-1.png

Note: You can only modify the points available in the phase you're currently in.

Start by selecting a single student or multiple students such as by checking their names in the first column of the list view.

To modify points manually for a single student:

  1. Proceed to your class dashboard
  2. Hover over a student's icon
  3. Click the View profile button to access the profile view
  4. Click the More options (...) button
  5. Select Modify points manually

To modify points manually for several students:

  1. Proceed to your class dashboard
  2. Click Select multiple 
  3. Select all the students you want to modify points manually for
  4. Click the More options (...) button
  5. Select Modify points manually

You can also do this using the List view of your class dashboard.


Select how you want to modify the points and enter a description. When you're ready, click Apply.