Why are max character stats locked in Multi-Class?


Each character has a different maximum amount of Health Points (HP) and Action Points (AP). These stats are locked in Multi-Class, or when a student is playing in more than one class.

This happens so that the game can create a consistent experience across classes and manage the game calculations efficiently.

For example, a student playing in English and in Algebra as a Warrior would need to have the same max stats in both classes for the game to work correctly. Otherwise, if they spent most of their AP, they might be able to use a power in English class but not in Algebra. Or, they could fall in battle in one class but not the other.

If you do not wish to have stats locked because of Multi-Class, then you must make sure none of your students are playing in an additional class, whether it be one of your own or another teacher’s class, with whom you’re connected via Teacher Connect.

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