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What does the error 'an account with this email address already exists' mean?


When adding students, sometimes you will see the error “an account with this email address already exists.”

When you try to add a student using an email address already registered in our system, this error message will appear.

If the student already has a Classcraft account, ask them if they’re currently playing in another class.

If they are, you’ll need to use Teacher Connect to add this student to your Student Database before adding them to your class.

If their character was used in the previous school year, the student will need to archive their character in their profile. A student won’t be able to archive their character if it’s been used in the last 14 days (such as by gaining XP or GP). After their character has been archived, give them your class code. You can find your class code in one of two ways:

  • In the “Students” section of your class settings, click on “Class Code” at the top of the page.
  • On your teacher homepage, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble (option-menu.jpg) next to your class and click on “Class Code.”

Your student must then log in to their existing account and enter your class code in their account profile ( This will allow them to create a new character for your class. (If their previous character is still active, they must first archive them.)

In addition to checking if your student has played Classcraft previously, you may want to ask if they’ve already created a new character for this school year. Click here to learn how to add a student currently playing in another class.

If you have any other question or the issue persists, please contact for help.

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