How to fix the 'email is already assigned to another account' error?


When attributing an email address to a student account, you may see the following error message: That email is already assigned to another account. This happens if there’s already a Classcraft account with this email.

If this is your student’s email address, this may mean that they have an active character on their account.

If they’re playing this year, instead of creating a new student, add them from your database: 

Adding students from another class

If the student created a new character for this school year in another class, you’ll need to use Teacher Connect with any other teacher who has your student currently in their class. This will add the student to your Student Database. You can then add them to your class and use their character. Click here to learn how to add a student currently playing in another class.

Archiving and creating a new character

If the student’s character was used in the previous school year, they will need to archive their character through their profile. To be archived, characters must have no pending damage.

After their character has been archived, the student must then log in to their existing account and enter your class code in their account profile ( This will allow them to create a new character for your class.

It's possible that your student mistakenly created a teacher account with this email address. You can learn more about what to do about this here.

If you have any other question or the issue persists, please contact for help.

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