Adding students to your classes

There are several ways to add students to your class. You can:

Adding students to your class must be done via a computer. Log in to the desktop version of the game at to get started!

The first step of the initial setup is to add students. You can also add students at any time by accessing your class settings. In the “Students” section of your class settings, click the green “Add Students” button at the top. These steps will be slightly different if your entire school uses Classcraft.

Add students from the school roster (school license only)

If you're part of a school using Classcraft, when you click “Add Students,” your school’s roster will be displayed. You can select students to add to your class from this list. You can use the search function to find student names or class names (If your school uses labels, you can also search for them.) Once you have selected the students you want to add to your class, click on the “Add Students” button.



If your school allows it, you may use the “Other Ways to Add Students” button to add students who are not in the roster. If you can’t select this option but you need to add students this way, make sure you contact the person responsible for implementing Classcraft at your school.

Other ways to add students

If you’re not part of a school using Classcraft or if you use the “Other Ways to Add Students” feature, you’ll have two options to populate your class with students:

Create new accounts

If your students have not played Classcraft before, you will need to create new accounts for them in one of the following ways:

  • Add Students Manually: When you click on “Add Students Manually,” you’ll need to input the first and last name of each student. You can copy and paste your list of student names from a Word- or Excel-type document.

  • Use Google Classroom: If you use Google Classroom, you can add students directly from there. When you click on the “Use Google Classroom” button, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your account (if you’re not already signed in). Then you can select students from your different Google Classroom classes. Once you have selected the students to add to your class, click on “Create Accounts.”

    If a student is already playing in another one of your class, you’ll need to add them using the Student Database. If they’re playing in another teacher’s class using Google Classroom, you’ll need to add them using the Teacher Connect feature. If students have used Classcraft with their Google Classroom account in a previous year, they will need to archive their character before you can give them a class code and add them to your class.


All new students will be assigned a student code, which you can email to them or give them via printable handouts. This code is also shown on your Students list in the class settings. The handouts will contain instructions to sign up at Students can then use their student code to sign up for the game by creating usernames and passwords or by using the Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Clever, or Twitter buttons. This will enable them to create their character and join your class.

If students already have an account, they will not be able to use the student code. They’ll instead need to be added as existing students using the Student Database or the class code.

Add students from your classes or other teachers' classes

  • Use Student Database: All the students in your Classcraft classes are available in the Student Database. Should you want to add students from another teacher’s class, you’ll first need to connect with them via Teacher Connect. In the Student Database, you can search students by their name, username, or their teacher’s name. Select all the students you want to add to your class and click on the “Add Students” button.


  • Use class code: You can add students to your class using the class code. Students must go to their account profile and input the code in the “class code” field.


Tip: Display the screen with the class code on a projector for students to see. As they join your class, you’ll see their name appear in the list below the code.

Once all your students have joined your class or have been given the class code, click “Continue” to return to the game.

You may also obtain your class code from the (...) menu of any given class on your teacher dashboard:


Note: If students’ characters from the previous year are still active, they must archive that character before entering their new class code. This allows them to create a new character and join your class.


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