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Adding students to your classes

Adding students to your class – and setting up your account in general – must be done via a computer. Log into the desktop version of the game at to get started!

To add students to your class, first access your class settings in one of two ways:

  • On your teacher homepage, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble (option-menu.jpg) next to your class and click on “Settings.”
  • On the game dashboard, click the gear icon (setting.jpg) in the bottom left corner. This will take you to your settings for the class that you're currently playing with.

Then, in the “Students” section of your class settings, click the green “Add Students” button at the top.

There are three ways to add students in Classcraft. First, determine which type of students you have:

Learn how to add each type to your class by clicking on the links above.


How to add students who have never played Classcraft before

Add students by inputting their first and last names. (You can copy and paste your list of student names from a Word- or Excel-type document.)

If you use Google Classroom, you can import your student roster by clicking the “Google Classroom” button under “Import”. (Other integrations are on the way!)


All new students will be assigned a student code, which you can email to them or give them via printable handouts. (This code is shown on your Students list in the class settings, as shown below.) The handouts will contain instructions on how to sign up as students at Students can then use their student code to sign up for the game by creating usernames and passwords or by using the Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Twitter buttons. This will enable them to create their character and join your class.




How to add students who are currently playing Classcraft in another class

If students are already playing Classcraft in another class at school, you can import them from the “Student Database.” You can do this with students from your other classes or with students in another teacher's class, but you must first sync with the other teacher via Teacher Connect to access each other’s students.


By importing students from the Student Database, you'll add their existing character to your class. This makes the game easier to manage for students as they only need to use one account and one character across all their classes. (This is called Multi-Class.)

This also creates a more consistent experience across their school day as their character progress carries over from class to class.


How to add students who played Classcraft in a previous year

If your students played Classcraft in a prior year, you can have them create a new, Level 1 character via their existing account.

First, add the student to your class list as a new student (by inputting their first and last name) or import them from Google Classroom.

Then, give the students your class code. Find your class code in one of two ways:

  • In the “Students” section of your class settings, click on “Class Code” at the top of the page.
  • On your teacher homepage, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble (option-menu.jpg) next to your class and click on “Class Code.”


You can display your class code on your projector and ask students to write it down. Students must then go to their account profile and input the code in the “Class Code” field.

Note: If students’ characters from the previous year are still active, they can first archive that character then enter their new class code to be able to create a new character and join your class.

Additionally, students who already have an account do not need to enter their unique student code — only the class code is necessary.



Students never played before? Add them by first and last name (or import from Google Classroom), and have them sign up with their student codes.

Students playing in other classes, too? Import those students from the Student Database (or from Google Classroom). Connect with other teachers via Teacher Connect if needed!

Students played in a previous year? Have students enter their new class code in the profile of their existing account. This lets them create a new character at Level 1!

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