Pets and gear


*Pets and higher-level gear (beyond Level 6) are Premium features


Students can earn Gold Pieces (GP) and purchase gear for their characters. They can equip whole outfits or mix and match different pieces of gear.

Students can unlock gear in the Free version up through Level 6 for each character. The Premium version offers exclusive, higher-level gear up through Level 18.

Pets (Premium feature)

Students can unlock, train, and equip pets to make their characters more unique.

Unlocking pets

Students unlock a new pet whenever they purchase every item in a gear set — in other words, when they complete a new outfit. They can do this in the "Equipment" section of their account.

Training pets

Students can send their pets on training missions to earn GP. They can do this in the "Pets" section of their account.


There are about 10 missions per pet. Students click the button to begin the mission, keep an eye on its progress, then return when the mission is complete to claim the reward.

There are some special pets all students can equip whether you're using the free or Premium version. These special pets do not require training. For example, students receive baby griffon pets when their parents sign up for the parent account and link to their child's character.

Equipping pets

Once pets are fully trained, students will earn bonus GP and will be able to equip their pets in the "Equipment" section. This way, the pet will appear next to their avatar on the game dashboard. 

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