Archiving (or deleting) classes

Over time, some of the classes you created may become obsolete: maybe the school year's over or you prefer starting over. Once you no longer use one of your classes, you can safely archive it. In Classcraft terms, this means deleting your class.

Let's see how this works!

What happens when you archive a class?

Archiving a class is a permanent action that can't be undone. Before you archive a class, make sure you're okay with this!

When you archive your class:

  • Your class will no longer appear on your teacher homepage
  • You will no longer have access to this class or the students in it
  • Student accounts are automatically archived if they aren't in another class with the same account (Learn more about archiving students here.)

However, the content you've created for this class will still be accessible!

  • You can still import your class settings to existing class or use them when creating a new class
  • Your Quests will remain in My Library, where you can assign them to another class
  • Unless you specifically delete them, your Formative Reviews will remain accessible on the list

When to archive a class?

The simplest answer? When you no longer use it!

At the end of the school year is a good moment to archive classes from the finishing year: students will then be able to create new accounts with the same login information when the new school year rolls around.

Plus, it will keep keep your home page tidy!

How to archive a class?

You can archive a class from your class settings:

  1. Click the Play button of the class you want to archive
  2. Click the class settings gear icon in the sidebar
  3. Select Archive
  4. When you're certain, click the purple Proceed button (you may need to scroll to view it)
  5. Click Archive to confirm
  6. Click Continue to return to your home page