Archiving classes and student characters

By archiving classes and students, you can allow students to use the same Classcraft account each year but start fresh with a new character. This is called the “Student Lifecycle.”

The Student Lifecycle is a great way to allow students to play Classcraft year after year, and it gives them a chance to experience new character classes while still being able to view their old characters.

Students can only have one character (or “player”) active at a time. If you archive the only class a student is playing in, you'll automatically archive their character.

A student’s character is only archived two ways: once all the classes they are playing in are archived or once the student archives the character themselves.

It’s important that students begin a new school year by making sure their character is archived so that they can create a new one that starts at Level 1. 

Archiving classes

To archive a class, access your class settings in one of two ways:

  • On your teacher homepage, click on the ". . ." icon and select “Class Settings.”
  • On the Game Dashboard, click the gear icon (Class_Settings_Icon.png) in the bottom left corner. This will take you to your settings for the class that you're currently playing with.

“Archive” is the last option in your class settings. Note that the archiving process is non-reversible, so make sure to wait until you’re done playing!



Archiving students’ characters

Archiving a class does not deactivate or delete a student’s Classcraft account. If a student goes on to play Classcraft in a future class, they can create a new character in their existing account. Learn how to:

Note: Students can also archive their characters if no action was taken on their account in the last 14 days (such as receiving XP, losing HP, etc.)

Adding a student who has played in a previous year

When students want to begin a new year in Classcraft, they must first archive their previous character (unless all of their classes from the previous year have been archived already). The student can then enter their new class code into their existing account profile. They will then be able to create a new character and join your class.


In addition to asking students if they’ve played Classcraft previously, you may want to ask if they’ve already created a new character for this school year. If so, you can follow the steps in the section directly below.


Adding a student currently playing in another class

If a student is currently playing in another class, they should be added to the new class using the Student Database. This activates Multi-Class, which allows students to play in multiple classes with the same character.

You can find a summary of Multi-Class students and stats in your game dashboard. Proceed to your class settings in any given class. In the User section, click on “Multi-Class” to view the list of students participating in your class. A checkmark in another column indicates that a student is participating in another class:


If you're not connected through a school or district license, you'll first need to connect to other teachers before you can share students. Learn how to use Teacher Connect here.


The Hall of Heroes

Students who have archived characters can view their past characters in the “Hall of Heroes” in their accounts, including their previous powers, gear sets, and fully-trained pets.

Students can equip old, fully trained pets onto their new characters, even if they’re a different character class, through the Equipment section.


Unarchiving students' characters

If students were accidentally removed from their class, they can access their Hall of Heroes via their student account and click the “Unarchive” button to bring back their character. This way, they can continue earning points and leveling up with that character. Again, students can only have one active character at any given time. 

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