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Archiving classes and student characters

By archiving classes and students, you can allow students to use the same Classcraft account each year but start fresh with a new character (also called the “Student Lifecycle”).

Students can only have one character (or "player") active at a time. Note that when you archive a class, you automatically archive that student’s character as well.


Creating a new character

Archiving a class does not deactivate or delete the student’s account. This means that if the student goes on to play Classcraft in a future class, they can create a new character by entering their new student code into their existing account.

Teachers who wish to create a new character for a student who has played previously should add the student by inputting their first and last name, rather than importing them from the Student Database.

Viewing previous characters and equipping pets

Students who have archived characters can view their past characters in their accounts, including their previous powers, equipment, and pets.

Students can also equip old, fully trained pets onto their new characters, even if they’re a different character class, through the Equipment section.

Unarchiving students' characters

At any time, teachers can unarchive a student’s character by scrolling to the bottom of their “Students” list in their class settings and clicking “Show Archived Players.” Again, students can only have one active character at any given time.

The Student Lifecycle is a great way to allow students to play Classcraft year after year, and it gives them a chance to experience new character classes while still being able to view their old characters.


Student Lifecycle vs. Multi-Class

The Student Lifecycle is different from Multi-Class, which allows students to play in multiple classes with the same character.

Multi-Class can be used by one or more teachers with students in multiple classes. Teachers at the same school can connect via Teacher Connect in order to share students and customizations.


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