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Lesson 5: Classcraft Premium features (3 mins)

Classcraft Premium
includes features such as:

  • Countdown TimerA timer teachers can use to pace activities during class.

  • Stopwatch — A stopwatch teachers can use to add an element of speed to class activities.

  • Boss Battles — In-class quizzes for formative assessment review.

  • Volume Meter — A meter that measures class volume and encourage students to quiet down.

  • Grade Converter — A tool that converts students’ grades into game points.

  • Quests — Personalized, self-paced learning adventures for your students containing resources, assignments, discussions, and more.

  • Analytics — A record of student behavior and academic performance, in comparison with the class average.

  • Gear — Hundreds of character equipment that students can mix and match to create unique looks.

  • Gold Pieces — In-game currency that teachers can give students for going above and beyond in class. Students can use Gold Pieces to unlock new gear for their characters.

  • Pets — Special companions that can be trained and appear next to student characters.

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