Can I mark attendance in the game?

Yes, you can mark the attendance in Classcraft.

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To mark attendance in Classcraft:

  1. Proceed to your class dashboard
  2. On the list view or the grid view, select one or more students
  3. Click the More options (...) button
  4. Select Mark as absent

A student who is marked “absent” is returned to the normal status after 24 hours unless their status is changed manually.

Students marked as absent will become grayed out but you can still view their profile, give them Experience Points or Gold Pieces, and remove Hearts.

Absent students will not:

  • Be picked with the Random Picker (from Tag-Chapter-1-En-1.png)
  • Be selected for Random Events (from Tag-Chapter-2-En-1.png)
  • Receive or lose points for team events (from Tag-Chapter-3-En-1.png)
  • Participate in Formative Reviews (from Tag-Chapter-4-En-1.png)
  • Random events
  • Team point gains/losses
  • The Wheel of Destiny


If a student is marked as absent by the end of the day, their absence will be recorded and visible by your administrators.

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