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Can I edit the amount of XP granted by collaborative powers?

As the teacher, you can edit a number of different game mechanics in Classcraft, such as the amount of XP granted by collaborative powers. 

Under Advanced, click "Game Rules" to modify the "amount of XP gained per AP spent using a collaborative power." The default for collaborative powers is set at 5 XP per AP spent. For example, a power that costs 15 AP like Heal 1 will earn the student 75 XP (= 5 x 15).

Note: Protect grants two times the regular collaborative powers XP. If a student normally receive 5 XP per AP spent, when they use Protect 1 (which costs 10 AP), they would receive 100 XP.


This customization is optional as all default powers and their AP values are already well-balanced for a regular classroom.

You can also customize certain powers to change the name, the effect, the AP cost, and whether they are collaborative or not.


Learn more about customizing powers here.

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