Can I edit the amount of XP granted by collaborative powers?

Yes. As the teacher, you can edit the amount of XP granted by collaborative powers, as well as a number of different game mechanics.

Under Advanced, click "Game Rules" to modify the "amount of XP gained per AP spent using a collaborative power."


The default for collaborative powers is set at 5 XP per AP spent. For example, a power that costs 15 AP like Heal 1 will earn the student 75 XP (= 5 x 15).

Note: Protect grants twice the amount of XP! If a student normally receives 5 XP per AP spent, when a Warrior uses Protect 1 (which costs 10 AP), they would gain 100 XP.

This customization is optional as all default powers and their AP values are already well-balanced for a regular classroom.


Learn more about customizing powers here.

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