How do I edit my students' account info?

As the teacher, you can edit a student’s account info and character from your class settings.

Once in the “Students” section of your settings, click the pencil button across from your student's name.

Whether your students have created their account or not, you can change their first and last name, and change aspects of their character: their look and character class. (You can read more about changing their character class here.)


If your student hasn't created their account yet, you won't be able to edit their account information (username, password, or email). For this, they’ll first need to register at using their student code. Once they sign up, more information will be visible on their profile:


Additionally, you can remove a student from your class by clicking the red “Remove” button. Make sure to click the red checkmark afterward to confirm your choice. (To learn how to move a student to another class group, click here.)


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