How can I delete a class?

You can delete or "archive" a class from your class settings. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section and select “Archive.”


Archiving a class deletes it from your "My Classes" list on the Teacher Dashboard. A class that has been archived can no longer be accessed. As such, archiving is a permanent action. You can only archive classes that have at least one student. If this is the last class a student is currently in, their character will automatically be archived.

Using an archived class's content

When you create a new class, you can still import game customizations (such as powers, pledges, behavior presets, game rules, etc.) from an archived class when creating a new class.

You can also use quests from archived classes. To do so, go to My Library, select your class in the “Archived” section, find the quest, and assign it to another class or create a duplicate.

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