How can I delete a class?

When you don't need a class anymore, either because you mistakenly created or the school year is finished, you can delete it. In Classcraft, we call this archiving.

Archiving a class

To archive a class:

  1. Proceed to your class settings
  2. Select Archive under Advanced
  3. Read the warning and make sure you really want to archive your class
  4. Click Proceed
  5. Click Archive to confirm


When you archive a class, it no longer appears on your home page and it can no longer be accessed: this is a permanent action. Some fine points:

  • You can only archive classes that have at least one student
  • Your students' characters will automatically archived (if you have a school license, this only occurs if it's the last class a student is in)

Using an archived class's content

When you create a new class, you can import customizations (such as powers, pledges, behaviors, game rules, etc.) from an archived class.

You can also use quests from archived classes. To do so, go to My Library, select your class in the “Archived” section, find the quest, and assign it to another class or create a duplicate.