Resources for you

Make your Classcraft adventure unforgettable by checking out and printing the following documents:

Chapter reminder

Not sure what unlocks when? Want a visual reminder to help learning how Classcraft works or teaching it to other teachers? This document has as a one-page reminder of the core features you'll unlock and when!


View and download the chapter reminder here.

Character classes poster


Meet the Guardians, Healers, and Mages! Print out this poster and scan the QR codes to learn more about the different character classes. These videos are great for students to know more about each character class before making a decision.

Download the character classes poster here.

Classroom posters


Extending the adventure to the very walls of your classroom, these posters remind students just how Classcraft works, the list of behaviors they're expected to display, and the powers they may be able to use when they behave well.

Download the classroom posters here.

Hero Pact


When you first start playing Classcraft with your students, encourage them to formally agree to join and stay in the adventure by signing the Hero Pact. This more readily increases buy-in but also give students a choice to participate and play with the rest of the class.

Download the Hero Pact here.

Need it in another language? We've got it in French, Catalan, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian, too!

Classcraft images


Swept by Classcraft's breathtaking backgrounds? Want some pets pictures to display here and there in class? Look no further! This collection of images found in Classcraft can be printed out and displayed in the classroom. In this pack, you can find backgrounds (including winter and Halloween themed backgrounds), characters, team crests, Classcraft logos, pets, and miscellaneous images.

Download Classcraft images here.

School Store Items poster


Your students can always use a reminder of what they can spend their hard-earned Gold Pieces on! List items available at the School Store on this poster and display it in the classroom or store so students can easily check it out.

Download the School Store Items poster here.

Weekly point organizer


Quickly jot down which behaviors a single student displays with this neat organizers to easily track points given or to give in Classcraft.

Download the weekly point organizer here.

Student certificates


Help your students celebrate their achievements at the end of the year by printing out and customizing Classcraft student certificates. You can download certificates through the More options (...) button of any given class on your homepage or by clicking here then choosing the class you want to download certificates from.