Introducing students to Classcraft



Once you’ve set up your class, you’re ready to introduce the game to your students. Just follow these simple steps!

Our "Introducer" feature will explain the game to students and allow them to customize their teams during class. On your teacher homepage, hover your mouse cursor over the circular bubble next to your class and click "Introducer" to get started. It's a great activity to do on your first day!



Explain the game to students (15 minutes)

To get students excited to play Classcraft, you’ll need to show them what it’s all about! Here are a few ideas:

    • Play the Classcraft video for students. You can find it in the "Introducer" tutorial or below.

    • Explain Health Points (HP), Experience Points (XP), and sentences. Review these concepts in the "Introducer" tutorial. You can use the Rules Summary (Game Rules) document so they can see what they can do to earn these points and so forth.

    • Show them the different characters. Use the "Introducer" tutorial to explain the differences between Warriors, Mages, and Healers.

    • Go over the powers. Use the Rules Summary to show your students the game powers. This will influence what character they’ll choose and give them an idea of what class privileges they can earn.


Print and distribute class documents

These documents are all available in the "Introducer" feature, at the bottom of the first screen.

  • Print out the Rules Summary. This document explains the game to students and shows them the game rules: what they can do to earn XP and GP, lose HP, the powers, sentences, and more.

  • Print the Team Sheets. This will show your students who's on each team to help the class remember.

  • Print the Hero Pact for every student. By signing the Hero Pact, your students will agree to play the game for its full duration and respect your rules. This is a great way to get students committed.


  • Print the handouts with student and parent codes. Students will need these instructions to log in to the game. You can access this document (and the others) in the "Introducer" tutorial, or you can use the "Distribute codes" button at the top of the Students list in your class settings.

For a full list of Teacher Resources, including Classcraft game images and parent handouts that explain the game, click here.


Ask your students for feedback

Increase buy-in by asking students if they have suggestions for the behaviors, powers, random events, or sentences. Students will feel more invested if they can help shape the rules.


Gather students into teams (30 minutes)

  • Sit students with their teams. Once your students have signed the Hero Pact and agreed to play, you can introduce them to their assigned teams.

  • Give students time to decide on a team name and character. Each team needs at least one Warrior, one Mage, and one Healer so that they can use the full array of powers. (A team without any Healers, for instance, would be in huge trouble!)

    Use the "Introducer" tutorial to enter the team name your students pick, along with the team crest and background they prefer.
  • Help your students log in. Give students the handouts with their codes. You can help them log in for the first time and set up their characters by using 1:1 class devices or taking turns at your computer. Otherwise, have your students do this step at home.

    The "Introducer" feature will also walk you through this process.
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