Adding or removing students midyear

Adding a student midyear

A new student, or one who opted out of the game at the beginning, can still join the fun midway through the school year.

Since they're starting the game later with a Level 1 character, we recommend awarding the student the same number of XP as the lowest-level player and adding them to the team with the fewest members.

In the "Students" section of your class settings, click the green "Add Students" button. Then simply add your student's first and last name and click "next."

Next, add the new student to an existing team.


When you're done, you can email the student their invitation or print a handout for them with their student code. Alternatively, you can also close the window and locate their student code in your "Students" list. Your student will need this code to create their account on

Removing a student midyear

If students leave permanently, you can remove them from your class. Just click the pencil across from their name in your "Students" list in the class settings. Click on the red "Remove Student" button and then the red checkmark to confirm your choice.

If students leave temporarily, you could put them in Unassigned Players. Go to "Teams" in your class settings and click on the X beside the student name or drag them off to the left side under “Unassigned students.”


Editing teams midyear

You may need to edit your teams during the school year. This could be because you need to add a new student, remove a student who left, or because teams are not balanced. To do this, proceed to your game dashboard for your class. Click on the Class Settings icon (Class_Settings_Icon.png) and select “Teams.”

To remove a student from a team, click on the gray “X” icon. This will set them as “Unassigned.” You can click and drag a student name from one team to another or to the “Add Team” section to create a new team.

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