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Multi-Class – Importing customizations from other classes


You can view and use customizations that your colleagues connected via Teacher Connect (or you, in your other classes) have made for the behavior presets, powers, sentences, and random events.

To access your class settings, hover your mouse over the circular bubble across your class name on your teacher homepage and click "Settings," or click on the small gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Behaviors, Powers, Sentences, and Random Events all have their own section in your class settings. Just look for the “import” button on each of these respective screens. The game will tell you who each original customization was "used by."

You can also use the "Import Settings" feature (under "Advanced" in your class settings) to import all settings from another class at once. Be aware that this action will overwrite all of your previous settings (behaviors, powers, sentences, and random events).

When importing powers, click any power on the lefthand side to view a list of modifications on the righthand side. Tick which variations you want to use in your own class, then click the “Import Powers” button at the bottom to apply the custom power in your own class.


Learn more about Multi-Class and Teacher Connect here:


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