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Multi-Class – Importing students and their characters from other classes



You can import students and their characters from your own classes or other teachers' classes:

  1. Go to your “Students” list in your class settings and then click the green “Add Students” button.

    Note: If the students are in your Google Classroom, you may import them using the “Google Classroom” button.

  2. Now click the “Student Database” button on the right. Select any students you wish to import into your own classes.

    Note: If you are importing students from another teacher's class, you must first sync with the other teacher via Teacher Connect to access each other’s students.

  3. Click the green “Import” button to proceed.

Notes: Importing students does not remove them from other classes. To remove a student from a class, click the pencil button across from their name in your “Students” list in the class settings. Then click the red “remove student” button.

If you’re looking to streamline the Classcraft experience, you can learn how to share settings between teachers here.


Learn more about Multi-Class and Teacher Connect here:

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