Analytics – Student overview (school and district license)


The Analytics (analytics_icon.png) section informs you about what’s happening in your class with your students. You can view the game feed or check individual Student Overviews.

The Student Overview is a behavioral scorecard that keeps track of a student’s performance over time in comparison with the class average. Select a date range and choose whether you want to toggle on "Show Grade Converter Events" to see HPXP, and GP changes logged from the Grade Converter.

Analytics keeps track of behavioral data from Quests, Class Tools, preset values, and many other sources! (This does not include data around GP spent on gear, for example.)

When you click the green “Filter” button, the game will update the graphs for HPXP, and GP based on the info you set. These graphs will show you the student’s performance (the bold line) as well as the class average (the faint line). The “Top Events” list under each graph will indicate any frequent repeat behaviors.

If you prefer, you can view a list of events for the student you selected. To do so, click on the “Show List View” button in the top right corner. Similar to the graphs, you can set filters to change what information you see.

Click on the “Print” button to preview the page in a printer-friendly format, whether you're using the Overview with graphs or the List View.

If you want to create your own table based on Analytics data, click on the green “Export All” button in the top right corner to download a .csv file.

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