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Analytics – Reviewing student performance


*Analytics are a Premium feature

The Student Analytics are a behavioral scorecard that enables you to see a student’s performance over time in comparison with the rest of the class. Access them by clicking the Analytics icon (analytics_icon.jpg) on the left sidebar.

First, select a date range and choose whether you want to toggle on "Show Grade Converter Events" to see HP, XP, and GP changes logged from the Grade Converter. You can also toggle on “Show Multi-Class Events” to see the student's performance across all the classes they're playing in.

When you click the green “Filter” button, the game will update the graphs for HP, XP, and GP based on the info you inputted. These graphs will show you the student’s performance (the bold line) as well as the class average (the faint line). The “Top Events” list under each graph will indicate any frequent repeat behaviors.

Using the List View


You can also click “Show List View” to see a simplified list of entries. Select either XPHPGP, or All (which includes AP entries and power uses), then click on “Filter” to refresh the list.


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