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Class Tools - Boss Battles (Formative Review)

*Boss Battles are a Premium feature

Boss Battles are fun ways to prepare your students for tests and quizzes and assess their learning. They are meant as a way to review for formative assessments during class, and students answer questions out loud in the classroom.


Enter questions with multiple choice or short answer responses. You can always reuse your questions later in new quizzes by accessing your Question Bank.

When setting HP, the boss should have 1.5 x the total number of HP value of the questions. You'll want to have enough questions that students can miss one or two and still win the battle.

When the Boss Battle begins, you can choose to have either random students, random teams, students from a single team, or a single student to answer questions aloud as they appear onscreen.


If students answer a question correctly, they’ll deal damage to the boss. If students get a question wrong, the boss attacks! Sometimes attacks will miss or do critical damage, adding even more variety to the battle.

If your class is victorious, they’ll earn XP and GP as a reward. A flawless victory pays double the points!

Tip: Rewards are distributed automatically and depend on whether you choose "Class" (rewards go to the whole class), "Team" (rewards go to that team), or "Student" (rewards go to that student).

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