Class Tools — Stopwatch (The Forest Run)

The Stopwatch, also known as the Forest Run, counts time for any in-class activity.

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Setting up the stopwatch

Whenever you need a classic timer:

  • Click the Play button of your class
  • Click the Class Tools (toolbox) icon in the sidebar navigation
  • Click the Stopwatch icon
  • Click Start to begin the timer!

Running the stopwatch

The timer until it's run its course. At any time you can:

  • Pause the stopwatch to put it on hold
  • Reset the stopwatch to return to the setup screen
  • Click Finish to reward students


At any point, you can navigate away from the stopwatch screen as long as you remain in the same class. The stopwatch will appear as a banner at the top of your game screen so you can keep track of time and click Finish anytime.

When you finish the activity, decide if you want to reward:

  • Students, which redirects you to your student list where you can select the student or students you want to reward
  • Teams, which redirects you to your team list where you can select a team to reward