Negative behaviors: Health Points (HP) and falling

Think of Health Points as a student character's energy: It’s what they need to remain successful and active in the game. Each student has a different amount of HP depending on whether they’re a Mage, Guardian, or Healer.

When students are disruptive in class, you should remove HP from their character to discourage negative behaviors. 

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How do students lose HP?

The most common way for students to lose Health Points is by exhibiting behaviors that are discouraged in your classroom. When a student does something in your list of HP behavior settings, click on the red - sign next to their character. Select the behavior from the list, then let the team respond or deal with the damage later.


If you want to remove HP for a new behavior, you can add a custom behavior to your list or remove HP on the fly.

To add a negative behavior to your list, click on the “...” button and select “Create Custom Behaviors.” Enter a description and value and click “Save.”

On the other hand, if it’s not something you expect to be repeated, you can remove HP without adding a preset by clicking on the red - button and selecting “Quick Penalty.”

If you’re part of a school or district playing Classcraft, some students in your classroom may have Tier 2 & 3 behaviors assigned to them. These are targeted and individualized behaviors that only a handful of students have. They help focus on certain types of behavior.

To view the list of Tier 2 & 3 behaviors a student has been assigned, click on the multi-tier icon (mceclip0.png) toggle. Make sure you’re not projecting the game to the classroom when you do this so that you protect a student’s confidentiality. Use these behaviors as you would any others and when you’re done, change the toggle to return to the normal view.

There are several other ways for students to lose HP.

Random Events

You can create random events that remove or give HP. When doing so, be mindful of character classes with lower Health Points: A random event removing 30 HP to everyone would make every Mage in your classroom fall, even if they had all their HP. When you create your random event, you can set HP as a positive or negative value:


Volume Meter tool

When you set up the Volume Meter, you may choose to input an HP penalty if your students are too loud. Because this penalty occurs every time they go over the threshold, be careful not to set it too high.

Inappropriately commenting or flagging comments in discussions

If a student comments inappropriately in a quest, you can remove HP for the message. Click the red button to open your behavior list. You can create a preset for this situation if you notice this is a repeated behavior, or input a custom value as needed.

Grades (Premium and school license)

If you want, you can decide to penalize students with low grades in tests, quizzes, or assignments. By default, when using the Grade Converter, only high grades will be rewarded with XP. To change this, go to your class settings and select “Game Rules,” where you can select the passing grade and the amount of HP lost for each percentage below the passing grade.

Teammate falling

As part of the core mechanics of Classcraft, when a student falls, all their teammates will lose a little bit of HP creating a cascade effect. The default value is 10 HP lost when a teammate falls, but you can adjust this setting in the “Game Rules” section.

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How can students prevent damage before it happens?

Students can often prevent damage before it happens by using their powers. To prevent (or lower) damage before it happens, the following powers can be used:

The Guardian's Protect 1, Protect 2, or Protect 3




The Mage’s Psionic Shield (Self only)


How do students regain lost HP?

Several powers can heal students after they lose HP. This helps students work as a team to make sure everyone is thriving and no one is falling behind. The following powers will help your students regain lost HP:

The Healer’s Heal 1, Heal 2, Heal 3, and Healing Circle





The Guardian's First Aid (self only)


While students should normally be able to manage their HP using their powers, you may want to adjust your settings so they regain a small amount every day. This is particularly useful for groups who fall too often or when most of your students have fallen recently.

The passive regen value is set to 0 by default. To change it, proceed to “Game Rules” in your class settings. Input the value you want in “HP Regen - The amount of HP regained every day.”


You may also use the "..." icon on the Game Dashboard and select "Modify Points Manually" to input a value to restore to one or several students. Finally, you can create random events that restore student HP as a fun way to help out your students.

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 How can I deal with damage later?

When a student loses HP, you can choose to deal with the damage right away if their teammates can react. However, this may be time-consuming and prevent students from strategizing and working as a team. To send damage to the delayed damage queue, select “Deal with damage later” when a student loses HP.


Your to-dos inform you of any delayed damage in the queue. You can see them in your Activity Center or by clicking on the bell (Bell_Icon.png) icon. Use the “Jump To” button to view automatically the Delayed Damage:


Students can view that there’s damage in the queue thanks to the green notification icon over the hourglass (Notification_Delayed_Damage.png) on their dashboard. Students can only see delayed damage information about their team.


Delayed damage must be resolved in chronological order for each team. To do so, simply click on the first item in the delayed damage list, and the Damage window will open. From the teacher’s account, you can let the students take damage or have team members use their powers.

In their accounts, students can use their own powers to help their teammates. They can do so by clicking on “delayed damage queue” below the power description or by clicking on the hourglass icon in the top right of their Game Dashboard.


If students completely negate the damage using their powers, the entry will be automatically removed from the queue.

While damage is still in the queue, you can go to your Activity Center to cancel any damage. To do so, click on the “...” icon beside the entry and select “Cancel Damage.”

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If a student runs out of HP and can’t be healed by their teammates, they fall. When this happens, they receive a random "pledge," or consequence, that they must fulfill. You can find the complete list and add new pledges in your class settings.

A Healer on their team can use the Restoration power to save them, provided that they have enough AP.

When a student falls, their teammates will also take damage. By default, each team member will lose 10 HP (you can change this value in your class settings). If another student’s HP is already low when this damage happens, this will create a cascade effect where they fall, too — resulting in another team-wide loss of HP.


That said, the same student can’t fall twice as a result of the original incident. To keep everyone safe, teams should be proactive about using their powers to keep each other’s HP and AP high.

You can view which students fell by going into your notifications (either in your Activity Center or by clicking on the bell icon beside your profile) and scrolling down to the “Pledges” section. Click on the “...” icon for any pledge and select “Mark Off as Complete” to indicate your student fulfilled their pledge.

This can get out of hand quickly! For this reason, there's a strong motivator among students to help each other so they can avoid falling and losing a lot of HP.

As a result, there's a shift from the teacher checking student behaviors to students doing it themselves. Therefore, students will take ownership of their behavior much more readily.

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