Dealing with damage (HP loss)

Losing HP, or “taking damage,” is a regular part of Classcraft. As the teacher, you can remove HP from students to discourage different negative behaviors in class. This damage can be applied instantly, or it can be delayed for the teacher and students to deal with later.

To minimize damage, students will need to work together with their teams and use their powers to help each other.


Avoiding damage

If a teammate loses all HP, Healers can use “Revive” to prevent them from falling in battle.



When a teammate (not including the healer) falls to 0 HP, he/she avoids all penalties and comes back to life with 1 HP.

Warriors can use the “Protect” powers to protect others from damage.


Protect 1, 2, or 3

The warrior can take damage instead of their teammate, receiving only a certain percentage of their initial damage.

Mages can use “Mana Shield” on themselves to avoid taking damage.

Mana Shield

The mage prevents the loss of HP to himself (cost 3 AP per 1 HP).

Restoring HP

Healers can use the “Heal” powers and “Healing Circle” to restore HP, including their own.

Heal 1, 2, or 3

A teammate gains a certain amount of HP.

Healing circle

All team members, other than the healer, gain 15 HP.

Warriors can use “First Aid” to restore a small amount of their own HP.

First Aid

The warrior gains 1 HP for each level they have, but always gains at least 5 HP.


Delaying damage

The option to delay damage allows you to manage your time more efficiently according to what’s going on in the classroom. Each time you remove HP from students, you can choose to apply the damage instantly or to defer it by clicking “Deal with damage later.” 


When there's delayed damage in the queue, a red notification bubble appears on the Delayed Damage hourglass icon (next to the game feed) on both the teacher and student dashboards. However, students can only see delayed damage information pertaining to their team members.


Delayed damage must be resolved in chronological order. To do so, simply click on the first item in the Delayed Damage list, and the Damage window will open. From the teacher’s account, you can let the students take damage or have team members use their powers.

In their accounts, students can use their own powers to help their teammates. They can do so by clicking on “Delayed Damage Queue” below the power description or by clicking on the hourglass icon in the top right of their game dashboard.

If students completely negate the damage using their powers, the entry will be automatically removed from the queue.


Teachers can see a log of who used their powers on whom. Teachers can also cancel the queued damage by clicking on the small “x” next to the list item.

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