Can I play Classcraft for 1-2 months?

If you’re running Classcraft for a very short length of time, such as a month or less (eg., summer school), consider these recommendations:

  • Use the "Game Duration" option to determine the level cap and AP regen rate

  • Take off more HP when students do inappropriate behavior (ie., double the normal amount)

  • Give out lots of XP at every opportunity

  • Do a daily quiz, such as a Boss Battle, to affect their HP and XP

  • Modify the powers for the short-term (eg., leaving 15 minutes early or going to the front of the line with your question)

  • Modify the sentences so they can be completed in a day or two at most. For example:
    • Copy out a text
    • Stay 15 minutes after class
    • Write a one-page essay for the next class

Basically, make everything more drastic! :)

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