What should I do if I don’t use the standard duration and frequency?

Classcraft is designed to be played for a full school year, with your class meeting once or twice a week. But what should you do if you’re going to play for a shorter period of time or if you play five days a week?

Start by updating the “Game Duration” to match your class duration and frequency. This will automatically determine the level cap and the AP regen rate.

You can try the default settings with your students and see if it works for you!

Otherwise, here are some customizations that you can make yourself.

The more hours per week you play  …

  • Lower the XP rewards for behavior settings (up to half their initial value)
  • Increase max AP for each character class (up to the double of their initial value)
  • Lower HP penalties by up to half
  • Lower the value of HP lost when a teammate falls

As you play for a shorter period of time, …

  • Increase the HP value of behavior settings (up to double their original value)
  • Increase the number of times per day you give XP (Note that the level cap will be lowered by the Game Duration.)
  • Use Class Tools frequently
  • Modify the powers to be short-term
  • Modify pledges so they can be completed quickly
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